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Peak XV Fitness run the leading outdoor fitness boot camp in Reading. Based in Caversham they have helped hundreds of local people get fit and lose weight. Call them today and get your first week free.
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22 Ardler Rd
Reading, Berkshire
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07879 646969
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If youíre looking for a plush health club housing the latest expensive equipment and beautiful changing rooms then this is not for you. However, if youíre looking for great workouts that produce results in a fun, sociable environment then youíve come to the right place.

This is exactly what you can expect from our programme each month:

12 fat melting workouts supervised by one of Londonís top Personal Trainers
Personal nutrition plan
Body fat assessment
Individualised supplement plan
Extra home workouts
Fat loss newsletter
Free monthly online fitness magazine
Phone and e-mail support and motivation
Our Boot Camps are outdoors and run in all weathers. We are open to all ages and all abilities
Nutritionist for Weight Loss
Steve is a skilled nutritionist for weight loss using BioSignature working in elite sport and in private practice in the UK, Steve has helped countless athletes get to astonishingly low body fat percentages (between 3 and 8%) as well as helping gym goers lose weight and improve their health.
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Steveís Nutrition programme and advice has changed my life. I live to eat, not eat to live Ė and this has resulted in a gradual but significant weight gain over recent years. Steve has shown me how I can not only lose weight slowly and steadily but also have a way of life that can allow me to enjoy my social dinners with wine and puddings too. I cannot thank him enough as I now can get in all my clothes again, look so much better not only in my everyday life but on TV and in photographs and donít feel that I have to ďdietĒ ever again.
ByCeril Campbell
Testimonial #2
I followed Steveís nutrition and training advice and with his support my weight went from 72 kg to 65kg and my body fat decreased from 17% to 11.5%. I now feel 100% better and my lifts have gone up by nearly 50%. Iím much leaner, stronger and would recommend his services
ByClive Reeves
Testimonial #3
I have now been using Steve Hines for 8 weeks and I feel 100% better. My stomach issue has gone, resulting in no medication for over 6 weeks, my working day is better as Iím more productive through the day, family have noticed a difference in me and my training has really stepped up a gear. Iíve also lost almost 6kg to boot.
Testimonial #4
I lost over 10 kilos and 13cm off my waist in less than three months. I found the foods Chris recommended an enjoyable surprise. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who laboriously drags themselves to the gym to do the same routine with little results.
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07879 646969
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